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How to manage when your first home happen with first cry of your child?

The once in lifetime moments are always unique. They are unforgettable and carry the potential to encapsulate an ecstasy that is equivalent to the happiness one may get in whole life.

Your newborn baby is the materialised reflection of every restless breath you took while waiting for the precious day. This little human is your world; now, everything that can happen to ensure the safety of the angel is not impossible for you.

Every year many couples buy first home right at the time when their first baby comes on the planet. First home, the first baby, both are extremely special and happen only once in a life. However, both demand an extreme level of attention and investment financially as well as emotionally.

It is excellent to plans things together, but at the same time, due attention should also be given to the financial adequacy. After all, money is the most crucial backing for any decision in materialistic life.

The actual challenge is how to manage things to handle both the ‘first home and first cry’ responsibilities together.

The ‘how to do’ suggestions

Few suggestions following may help you get a better grip on personal finances and keep everything on track.

Try to push the deposit amount beyond the minimum limit of 5%

This cannot be very easy, but it is the most useful advice. Try to gather money to arrange a deposit more than the least requirement. This may demand more on the savings part, which is problematic due to the need for arrangements for the little one. But for the longer run, it is necessary.

With time, the expenses in the name of childcare are destined to increase. In that case, a bigger deposit can ensure smaller instalments, which in turn will help to keep the balance in the monthly budget. At that time, you will realise the relief it delivers. Try to extend the down payment limit up to 10% or more if that is practical for you.

Sell out an old property to shrink the size of the mortgage burden

The ultimate goal should be to ensure financial stability and if an old property can help you to attain that, go for it. Your tiny soul whose world is all about your warmth is not ready to face the harsh realities of the money crisis. Besides, no compromise in care and love should get the place.

An old land, farmhouse or home, anything that may not have a good value as an investment can solve the purpose. Why not sell it out and use the money to buy the home. The mortgage you will take will lighten in burden through this way.

Find a broker to tackle the headache for you in the absence of property sell out option

In case, you do not have anything to sell off and make the balance, and mortgage is sure to be more significant. But do not lose hope as you can still get better choices with cheap deals that are available in the market. Wherever you like in the UK, they are ubiquitous and are in abundance. From mortgage broker in Glasgow to Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and everywhere you can find the brokers such as ShineMortgages.

Search online, and half of your work is done. The online presence of online broker companies makes things less complicated. In a few clicks, you can reach too many broking companies that present a good number of choices in their panel. To give you an example on how to search – suppose you live in Glasgow, type ‘3 Best Mortgage Brokers in Glasgow’ to get filtered and refined results.


Being a parent and about to become a homeowner, you have two new fronts in life to struggle on. But as they both are dear to you, work on the best possible methods, and the destiny is sure to reciprocate with a smile. Say hello to your tiny soul.

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