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I Took Out a Loan to Open a Plumbing Business. It is Thriving Now

Hi, I am James Gonzales. I live in Manchester in the UK. In this blog, I am about to tell you how I pursued my goal in my life. If you think that you do not need anything apart from plumbing skills, you are wrong. I wanted to become a plumber, not just because this is what I knew that I could do, because more than 50% plumbers were very happy in life, a research revealed.  When I got the idea of starting a plumbing business, I had no business plan, neither did I think.

I contacted my friend who had opened his own plumbing business a year ago. He told me that in Manchester the hourly rate I could charge was £15.73. However, I needed to have NVQ diploma (level 2 and level 3) to become a professional plumber. I researched about it and then got to know that I needed a work experience to get the diploma. My friend also told me that I needed to make a decision whether I wanted to become a self-employed or a full-time job.

I had no interest in job. I always had a desire to be self-employed. The plumbing business is very hectic, no matter you are a full-time employee or a self-employed. A plumber can have a huge variety of tasks, no two days are the same, one of the most common reasons to find contentment in this work. Whether you are in Bristol, Cardiff or London, it is likely that you will be busy throughout the day. You are likely to be on calls at evenings and weekends. The job involves the last-minute visit if your client has an emergency. Although it is stressful, seeing a smile on someone’s face can be very rewarding.

Installing piping and heating system, fixing sanitation systems, fixing leaks and faucets, removing blockage are some of the common work that I performed before getting the diploma. Then, I decided to buy a small space.

I applied for a personal loan

I looked back to my savings, but I did not have enough money and hence I decided to take out a small business personal loan. As I did not have to submit collateral, I had no fear of losing anything. I did research as I wanted to get a better deal. Despite spending a couple of days in research, I failed to draw any conclusions. APRs and interest rates were going above my head and finally I contacted my friend again. Without delaying a single minute, he told me to take out a small business loan with, a reputed private money lender in the UK. As I got money from the lender, I bought a commercial space.

After buying a commercial space, I made a business plan. My friend helped me to create an impactful plan. I figured out a niche. I was comfortable for both residential plumbing and commercial plumbing. Once I had made a business plan, I started marketing my business.

Marketing was also important

I knew that buying a commercial space was not enough. I had to grab work to earn money and it was possible if I marketed my business. Here is how I marketed my business.

I created a logo, a visual identity of my business. I made a logo that could represent my work. I contacted a graphic designer to have my logo designed. I stamped the logo on my van so that people could start identifying my business name. I also created a website in which I promoted all my services. I kept it simple and informative. My focus was to provide complete information of my services to users. I promoted my services on social media and use search engine optimisation techniques to improve visibility.

As my website visibility grew, I began to find work. It gradually developed and soon I got so busy with orders that I left with no personal time during weekends, but I was glad because my business was thriving. While I was building my clients, I successfully paid off the whole of the debt. Now I have hired more employees.

The final word

Becoming a self-employed plumber requires great hard work. Before you take the plunge, not only you have to consider the cost of set-up, but also you will need to find out whether you will be able to bear the work pressure. You need to be passionate about this work.

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